Daddy's Day

We're just stopping into Portland on our way to Seattle for a few days to visit friends. So, that's my excuse for not having pictures of the daddies in my life. But I wanted to quickly document this day for my favorite men. I am so grateful to be married to and raised by men who are admirable, kind and loving. Ronell and I have our struggles, but I take great comfort in knowing that he loves his family and would do anything for us. He makes time for his family. I jokingly say he's never grown up, but it's one of the things I also love. He knows how to have fun in virtually any situation. Ronell is empathetic and understanding and patient. He knows how to let people know he cares and exactly how to meet their needs.  I am grateful that I get to learn from him and grow with him in the many adventures we've experienced and will experience.

It wouldn't be Father's Day without me expressing my gratitude to my dad, David. He has taught me so many things and has been a shoulder to lean on in difficult times. He loves kids and every kid I know loves him. I know my kids prefer him to me. :-) He has a love of learning and instilled it in all his children. He has the strangest sense of humor but it always made me laugh. He willingly sacrifices anything to meet his family's needs (and often wants). He is thoughtful and kind and knows exactly what to say to buoy my hopes and confidence. I am grateful  that I was raised by a father who loves the Lord and loves us.

Though it's a day filled with travel, I've been thinking a lot about the influence of good men. I know my life wouldn't be the same without the influence of the men in my family, in my extended family, in Ronell's family. I know that so many of the problems in our world can be traced to the lack of fathers in the lives of kids. Though they often get chastised and berated for their weaknesses, I am grateful for men who sacrifice and work hard to make their lives and the lives of their families the best they can be. The world needs good men and I feel lucky to have been raised by and married to a few of the best men I know. Happy Father's Day. You deserve more than just a day and I hope you know how much I love you.

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