Hanging with Miss Teya

I just had to share this picture because I love it when Teya's awake. She sat and watched the Celtics game last Thursday with Daddy in the hotel. She was totally relaxed and wide awake. She sleeps a ton still but I love watching her when she's awake because it's so easy to see how much she's learning and developing. She's so close to smiling at me, it makes me almost want her to get a little older...almost. She's still a runt but she's growing in length finally (the only way I know this that she's finally fitting into 0-3m. clothes, even though they're baggy, they fit length-wise). Her brother and sister still love her (sometimes a little too much) and we love cuddling with her. I've decided to enjoy cuddling with Teya, even if it's messing up her routine a little. She still eats and sleep well, just that I let her sleep on Ronell or I a little more than I ever did with the other two. I know, I'm going soft. But it's so peaceful, I can't stop. :-)


Sierra said...

Put more pictures up! People (cough Lexie, mom and I) want to see more pictures of my favorite baby :)

Michael and Amy said...

Love Daddy pictures!!

Hugh Family said...

It's so hard not to be a softy, look at those eyes, and those cheeks that I want to squeeze! She's so loveble!