Still here

In my efforts to be positive, here's my list for the day:

1. I got to work out for an hour. (that won't be happening for at least a few weeks, I Hope)
2. It's the last week of classes for Ronell.
3. The weather is beautiful.
4. I get to take a nap today.
5. Physically, I feel great.

Obviously, no baby yet but the good thing is, this little one has to come out some time, right?


Nick and Lexie said...

That baby is a stubborn little thing! Uh oh! Or, I guess you could look at it the opposite. And it is just extremely patient :)

Sorry it hasn't come out yet. I guess that's the problem with hoping that you'll be early. Then when you reach 39 weeks you feel like you're overdue.

KimberlyGanir said...

So you can totallly have the baby on the 17th, that's my birthday!! Good luck and I keep checking to see if she/he is here!! Can't wait!

Jessica said...

It's funny that you say that the baby has to come out - because logically I know you're right but emotionally I have to admit it's hard to believe. My little girl was due last Friday. I'm just holding out until I get induced next Monday. Hopefully yours comes soon too - waiting the last few weeks is hard!