Why I Love My Kids

Reason #1:
Portia has to bring her baby doll in the car with her. Now that it's cold (our high this week was 24*), she has to wrap the baby in a blanket before gently carrying it to the car. The other day, while driving, I hear her straining to get something. I look back and see her desperately trying to reach the doll blanket that had fallen to the floor. Then, as I turned around, I hear, "You gotta be kiddin' me! Blanket, come on!" So I grabbed the blanket and tossed it to her.

Reason #2:
After breakfast this morning, Palmer brought me his plate. I said, "Thanks, buddy, for bringing your plate over." He hands it over, bows, and says, "My pleasure" and runs off.

Reason #3:
Because we have church at 1:00pm (thankfully we go to 9:00am in January), we have lots of morning time to kill. Other righteous folk would spend those hours reading scriptures and teaching their children. I'm satisfied with cooperative play time. This morning the kids flipped some toy chairs over and created ramps for their cars. At one point, Palmer left the room (probably to use the facilities) and I hear Portia yell, "Palmer you get back here and play with me or I spank you bottom!" Apparently I need to stop using that empty threat.

Reason #4:
Palmer reading to Portia. Need I say more?


Chantalle Bishop said...


Nick and Lexie said...

I can't wait to see them in a few days.

I was showing Brizzy pictures of them the other day, and she was hillarious. She was going crazy, smiling and kicking and waving her hands. She was trying to attack the computer screen. She does not normally do that.

Ronell Hugh said...

Oh how I love my kids. They are truly amazing.