Some Serious Catch-up

Yes, I realize that I'm a slacker. But it really did take all of my energy just to take care of my kids while being exhausted and sick for all of September and into October (and let's be honest, I didn't do a great job of that). Thankfully, I'm in the second trimester and life is much better!!

Here's a recap of our lives so far this fall. There are some funny moments, which I hope make up for my non-existent blogging.

First, I have to share this funny little story. We like to use toilet paper rolls to make telescopes, kaleidoscopes, or rainsticks. One day, Palmer and Portia were fighting over the last toilet paper roll. I asked Palmer to go find another one, knowing that there were at least three in his room somewhere. He left the room and I honestly didn't think about it. Then I hear this from down the hall, "Mom, I can't get it off. The roll is stuck." I go into my bathroom and behold, he'd found the toilet paper roll, just like I'd asked. I couldn't really be mad at him for doing exactly what I asked. I learned from this that I need to be a little more specific when I ask Palmer to do something for me. In September, Palmer played in Provo's "Start Smart" soccer. It was a perfect little introduction to soccer and it was only four weeks long. We thought we'd try this and if he loves it, we'll enroll him in the league for spring soccer. Needless to say, he loved it (serious understatement). Here's his team picture, they were the Houston Dynamo.

Stretching before practice
Palmer and some Dynamo friends. They were all so friendly and energetic, to say the least. I love that about preschoolers--that they have no qualms about being friends with anyone around them and that they're always so open and honest.
This probably goes without saying, but Palmer's favorite parts of soccer were running and scoring goals. I think he's going to take after his daddy and be a striker. Hey, whatever gets the energy out is fine by me.
practicing stopping the ball with his foot, instead of his hands.
Portia was in heaven playing on the playground next to soccer field with a bunch of little buddies. She paused long enough to think about something very serious and then was gone.
Palmer's first day of preschool. He was SOOOOOOO excited, he didn't really want to pause to take a picture. Since we're in school and have no income, we decided to take advantage of the government and put Palmer in the Headstart preschool. I wasn't too stressed about him being going to a government-sponsored preschool, because honestly, the kid already knows how to read and doesn't really need any academic push. It's mostly for the social and he talks non-stop about his teachers and his school friends. I honestly think his favorite thing about school is that he finally gets to "wear a backpack and go to school like Daddy!" Whatever gets him excited about school is fine by me.
At the end of September, my FIL, Charles, graduated from Provo College with a certificate in Pharmaceutical Technology. We're so proud of him, especially since he graduated with high honors.
October came way too fast (and apparently left too fast, too). With some of our friends from the MBA Spouses' group (aka, MBASA), we went to the pumpkin patch. Palmer was in school, so Portia was flying solo, but she loved being with all her friends. You can't tell because she's such a ham, but she didn't really want to pause long enough to take this picture. Her friends were going to play and she didn't want to be left out. Typical Portia.
Portia with one of her best buddies, Emma Allred.
Climbing with Emma and Brielle Mackrory.
Cheesing it up with the ducks. They had a small petting zoo as part of this pumpkin patch. Portia did not want to touch the goats or sheep but loved the bunnies, turkeys, and ducks.
I loved this cute moment, where she finally caught up to her friends, Jenna and Cooper Barnum.
A week later, we went to one of the local fire stations and took a tour of their firehouse and played with the trucks. Portia did not love the firemen all dressed up in their gear and I think one of them was too close to her in this picture. I'm not sure exactly what Palmer's doing but, hey we documented the moment, right?
On the walk home from the fire station, we stopped to play in the leaves outside our condos. One of the things I love about Utah (there really aren't that many so I have to share those things that I love about living in Provo) is the gorgeous weather changes. This fall was no exception. We've had gorgeous weather and gorgeous scenery (it's 68 right now and it's November!).
More leaf fun!
In her true Nona style, my mother knitted these bright but very appropriately fall sweaters. Only my caramel children can look good in this color of yellow. I love these sweaters. This was also the Sunday of Palmer's first Primary program. He stole the show, complete with reading the other kids' lines, trying to sneak towards the podium, and getting super excited about singing the songs he knew really loudly and with lots o f enthusiasm. It was definitely one of those moments where I wish I'd had one of those small digital camcorders. I totally would have snuck it into church.
At the ward Halloween carnival. This year, Halloween was actually pretty fun because my kids got the concept of dressing up as clowns and playing games. Halloween really lasted a week around here, with all the activities and parties.
At MBASA's Halloween party. No clue what I'm saying, but apparently Portia thought it was funny.

Here's the actual Halloween event. My sister, Sierra, came trick-or-treating with us. It took the kids a few houses to get the idea. At first, Palmer would knock on the door about 20 times and when it opened, he'd start walking right into the house. Luckily, we knew everyone we visited. Our last stop was Osmond Ln., where our friends, the Andersons, live. It was crazy, non-stop action. Palmer and Portia thought it was fun to hand out candy and took over the job of manning the door and handing out candy to all the kids who came by. It was a steady stream for the 30 minutes we were there. The best part was that Palmer made comments about the kids' costumes, things like "Oh, you're a princess, how cute!" or "Oh, I like your costume!", even though most of the kids who came by were at least three or four years older than him. He's such an imitator. It makes me laugh.

So, there's our fall. I promise I'll be better about documenting the rest of this holiday season for all you blog-stalkers (Mom).


Gina said...

I loved the catch up! How fun that Palmer was in soccer! I wish I could have seen the primary program--that sounds so funny. Do you feel like you're starting to show yet? Pics please.

The Bishop Family said...

Yay an update! Aww you make me miss you guys and the ward. Glad you are feeling better! I was going to come out in two weeks, but after MONTHS our house is finally closing! So we will have to hurry and paint and move in since we are hosting Thanksgiving and then Elizabeth's blessing! But I am going to come out with the kids in Feb or March for a week since it will be busy season and we will want to get out! So we will come see you guys for sure...keep the pictures coming!!