More Thanks to Give

Here's what's been on my mind:

Nov.9: It's Dewayne's birthday today and I'm grateful for extended family, both mine and Ronell's. Our families aren't perfect but they support us and love us in their individual ways. I'm grateful to have family close, especially as the prospect of having no family around is a sad, but real, thought right now. I'm grateful for the talents and gifts each sister, brother, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew, mother, father, mother-in-law, father-in-law and how I've grown and learned from every one of them.

Nov. 10: I had a baby check-up today (I'm 17 weeks). All is well with both the baby and I. I'm just barely starting to "pop" but I can still wear all my normal clothes. As I listened to this little one's heartbeat and watched Portia's face light up as she listened to that "thump, thump, thump" (she loves telling people what our baby sounds like), I was so grateful for healthy children. With so many friends and family struggling to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and deal with children with complications, I'm so grateful that I get to be pregnant. I complain about not being able to lose the baby weight, but of all the problems that could go wrong with pregnancy, nursing, and the beautiful babies that are the result of all the discomfort, I'll take it. I'm grateful for the joy that has come to my life because of the children the Lord has entrusted to us.

Nov. 11: Today I'm grateful for Portia and her craziness. She drives me bonkers sometimes with her serious attitude. But then I come out of the shower and see this...
Portia was apparently hungry and decided to grab a slice of cold pizza from the fridge while I showered. I love that she grabbed the biggest piece ever. The best part of this is that she ate the whole thing. That's my little lady. (I did make her go sit at the table to finish it). What a funny kid.


KimberlyGanir said...

Hey I need your address.

email it to me: akganir@gmail.com

Gina said...

mmm, that pizza looks delicious to me right now! Portia is so funny.