It's BAAAACK!!!!!

I just have to say that the one thing I'm looking forward to about the fall TV season, other than "Glee", is the return of my favorite show ever, "So You Think You Can Dance". For the first time ever, it's on during the fall season. I can't wait to see what these amazing dancers and choreographers cook up. If anyone wants to watch, I'll be at home every Wednesday (and Thursday once those get going) watching it....unless, of course, I'm at an MBASA activity, then you can call me and we'll watch it together, sans commercials. DVR is a beautiful thing.

P.S. I'm so glad Jeanine won. Look at that picture! She's amazing.

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Tami Madsen said...

cool little tid bit of info...my niece is in all the ads for SYTYCD. Pretty awesome!