It's Officially Summer

Well, it's summer here in Utah. FINALLY, the weather is nice enough to swim. It snowed a month ago and then turned beautiful. Then after about a week of perfect weather, it's now in the 80's. So much for spring. But we'll take it. We went and played with our friends Jenna and Cooper Barnum and had a blast with their little pool and slide.
No, I did not bleach my son to fit in in Utah. :-) This is Cooper Barnum and he's a total cutie.
This is his big sister, Jenna. Also a cutie and Portia's new idol.

Portia's first try on the slip-n-slide. She was a little nervous but still loved it.

Try #2. Much better.Palmer was a little less enthusiastic about getting wet. He's kind of turned into a bit of a wuss when it comes to getting his face wet. But he still gets very excited.
This is the best action shot I could get of Palmer. As you can tell by his face, he's not so thrilled about being shoved down a cold slide and getting his face wet. But he kept trying.


Sierra said...

Hahaha glad to see Palmer hasn't changed.

Kricket said...

I LOVE these pictures. I need copies. See ya tomorrow.