Palmer, the Clock Watcher

Palmer is full of funny comments and questions. He now says, "Sure!" instead of yes. At the end of every activity, he says, "Mom, I had fun at....." It's pretty easy to ensure that Palmer has a good time. Give him kids to play with and he's happy anywhere. But the latest funny thing bordered on irreverent.

Today during the High Council speaker (we like to call them "Dry" council because they're usually so boring), Palmer said he was ready for Primary (he's the only Sunbeam in our ward). Our church is at 1:00pm, so Primary starts at 2:10. At about 1:55, I told him to watch the clock and when both hands were on the 2, he could go to Primary. He sat quietly and watched for about a minute. He looked at the speaker (who did actually give a fantastic talk), watched Portia color, and then went back to watching the clock. He then looked at me and said, "Mom! I think the clock's broken. It's not moving!" That was funny enough but he said it very loudly and every person around us was trying not to laugh. I think we all found it funny because invariably, there are Sundays when the clock does indeed seem broken.


Ronell Hugh said...

That's my boy...making daddy proud. He knows where he can make the best use of his time.

Hillary said...

Do I need to pay you royalities if I begin using your term "Dry Council?"

I'd also like to get away with Palmer's use of time standing still - however, it wouldn't be nearly as cute if I did it.