Picture Tag

My friend, Alicia, picture tagged me. Here's how it works: you pick the 4th picture in your 4th folder, and then give a brief description.This is from my sister Lexie's wedding. It's in front of the Portland, OR (Soon to be my second favorite behind the Rome temple). I have no idea what we were laughing at, but I'm sure it was great. Good times.

I tag: Elli, Rachael Critt, Lexie, Rebecca Fluhman, and Chantalle. Have fun!

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Fowler family said...

Hi Briawna, what a beautiful blog! I found yours via Candida's blog sidebar. I loved reading all your posts. We love the Portland Temple (what a gorgeous picture of you guys)- that was where we got married. I am from Oregon, so I was glad to hear that's your 2nd favorite temple. Isn't it just beautiful tucked away in that forest of trees?

Also I checked out your nephew's blog. I am so sorry about his passing. What a beautiful little boy.