I really don't know where to begin to express my gratitude for the amazing announcement this morning in General Conference. President Monson announced that there will be a temple in Roma. I am so grateful to the Lord, who knows our needs and answers prayers in His time. I know that this is a miracle in our day. Who would have thought that we'd have a temple in the heart of the Catholic world? I am grateful for the privilege of serving with the faithful members in Italy and for their continued faith and hope (as Elder Uchtdorf spoke of) and their perseverance in living this wonderful gospel. I am in awe at the thought of seeing this...

...in the same landscape as this.

(St. Peter's Basilica, part of The Vatican City)


california smiths said...

You were the first person I thought of when they announced the temple in Rome and wanted to email you and see what you though, so I am glad you wrote about it. I think that will be quite the place and already told Adam I think we should go visit it as soon as it is done! How great to have another reason to go to Rome! :)

The Paw's said...

Isn't it so great? I gasped out loud when I heard it. I'm so curious to know the exact location. Do you know?