Last week was lots of fun. We spent another few days at Seven Peaks with Lexie. Here are a few highlights from that fun day.

Portia LOVED Lexie's bubbles. This is her expression for anything new and exciting. Somehow, I think I do this when I want her to get excited and so she copies it.

Portia's latest "discovery". Lovely.

Palmer's favorite activity at Seven Peaks is to stand at the edge of the wave pool, count to three, and run into the water as fast as he can. He watched all the "big" kids do it and has to imitate everything anyone older does. I think he's counting in this picture.

If you can't tell, this is Palmer sun-bathing. He saw all the teenage girls laying out in the wave pool and so he did it. He stayed like this for almost five minutes--the longest he's held still ever!!

Then there were the Fourth of July activities. We spent the morning at the Provo parade (thanks to the Dewitt family in our ward) and the afternoon at Mike and Julie Cottle's home in Daybreak.

This is how the day began. Palmer and Portia love to wrestle these days. Maybe I should stop this because someone usually ends up in tears and it's usually Palmer!! Just kidding, it's about 50/50.

Palmer and Portia hug a lot. It's cute but, if you can't tell, Portia has that look that should warn you that she is about to throw down with Palmer.

This is one of the rare occasions when our kids were sitting during the parade. Portia loved the free candy, of course. Palmer's favorite things were the big balloons and the "princesses". He kept asking for the princesses all day (Thanks to Madi Lindsay who was sitting next to us at the parade and kept commenting on how beautiful all the princesses were). Palmer saw some of the floats later in the day when we were driving and shouted, "It's the princesses, yeah!!!" This can only mean one of two things. 1. He's a princess in training. 2. He's the ultimate ladies' man. Neither option is great for me!

Here's Palmer with the "Curious George" balloon. It's not really George but that's what Palmer called it.

Up at the Cottle's house. There is a lake up in Daybreak and Mike (a.k.a. "Grandpa") took the kids out on it. Palmer loved it. He even got to row a bit.

Meanwhile, back at the dock, Portia managed to find the dirt. We took her dress off because she had gotten it soaking wet. She was too little to go on the boat and cried when everyone left. But then she found the dirt and rocks and was perfectly content. She's either the most well-rounded girl ever (loves rocks and baby dolls) or she's seriously gender confused. Apparently, I'm not good at teaching my children their "appropriate" gender activities., which is just fine with me!!


The Paw's said...

Looks like you gjys had lots of fun. The hugging picture is darling.

Jana said...

i love the pic of their backs watching the parade. do you guys know where your going yet?

california smiths said...

Love the pics, the kids look like such great friends. they are getting so grown up!