One MBA Program Acceptance

It seems like it has been a long time since I began the journey to obtain a graduate degree. I know that Bri wishes that I would have stopped about 18 months ago, but I truly felt that it was something I should pursue.

Earlier this week I had an interview with the Willamette University MBA director of admissions and I felt that I did a good job in my interview. She informed me at the end of my interview that I would know the decision in two days, Thursday, May 15. Today I was informed that I have been accepted to the Willamette MBA program in Salem, Oregon and have been awarded a $4,500 scholarship for the 08-09 academic year.

This is exciting news for our little family and now I am waiting to hear back from BYU. I have a funny story about the BYU MBA program, but I need to wait until I know the Marriott Schools response.


Ryan said...

Congrats man! You'll be in our neck of the woods if you go to Willamette. :-)

Amy said...

Kyle told me your story already. It should be interesting! We are excited for you! We only wish you had applied down here... :) Congrats to you though! FYI Bri, I updated my blog. ;)

Renee and Jake said...

So where is Willamette University at?

elli hugh photography said...

tone down the lingo man...this is blog...."bee yourself" LOL!

congrats on this acceptance! I'm happy and sad. Happy to see Ronell persue his future carrer dreams and sad at the possibility that you guys will move so far away. We're praying for your acceptance into BYU!

Hugh Family said...

oh... by the way, way to step up and post your own blog ronnell!! Hopefully dewayne can follow you example!