Easter "Fun"

Easter was pretty low key this year. We just had baskets. The kids did an egg hunt with their friends at our weekly playgroup and that was good enough for me. Their baskets entertained them just fine. They got mostly balls, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and little candies. They were definitely most excited about the balls and the bubbles.

If you can't tell, Portia's got a robin egg in her mouth. Palmer just wanted his bubbles to be opened.

Neither one of them was very happy (We go to church at 11 am and they usually go down for naps right around then). But once we opened up the balls, the party got started! We got lots of comments about their cute clothes at Church, which somewhat made up for the seven times I had to take Portia out. Thanks, Nonna, for the cute Easter outfits.

I'm excited for next year, when both the kids can decorate Easter eggs and get the whole hunting for eggs thing.

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the Kasallis family said...

i love it! i think i rode my bike over a blue piece of sidewalk chalk outside your building earlier this week. this must be where it came from! :)