The Unwise Country

Well, he did what I dreaded. Mitt Romney is done and I am at a loss. Though I was very frustrated with parts of his campaign, I was still hopeful that America might actually choose the good guy. For the next four years, I'm very worried for the state of our country. Maybe we have to hit rock bottom as a country to recognize that we need someone who has morals and guiding principles in the White House. I am grateful that we have the gospel to guide us because we sure aren't going to get leadership from the government.


Lauren said...

Hi Briawna,

I saw a link to your blog on Steve and Winter's and had to check it out. Your kids are so adorable. It sounds like things are busy but going well for you and Ronell. I'll have to add your blog to my list of links. Check ours out at http://benandlauren.blogspot.com. We are living in Portland, OR now, so be sure to let us know if you ever come up here for a visit with your Lake Oswego family.


Adam and Tawni said...

I was heart-broken over Mitt dropping out, too. If the conservatives would have just got behind him a little sooner (Hannity, Rush, Laura), then I really feel he would have gotten Florida and California, and eventually the nomination. I am watching for him in 2012 though!

Jim Hutchings said...
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Jim Hutchings said...

As disappointed as I am with his withdrawal I think that the way in which he left the race really gives him a perfect opportunity to run and win in the future. His closing speech couldn’t have been done any better. It was graceful and void of bitterness and showed support for the Republican Party. It reminds me of Reagan’s first campaign that set him up for his future win and what I thought was one of the greatest two terms of Presidency this country has had. As much as I am not a fan of McCain, I shudder to think of any of the alternatives making it into office.