My Resolutions (Yikes!)

I hesitate to even put my resolutions into words because then I'm accountable, especially sending them off into cyberspace (does anyone even use that word anymore?). But I was inspired by my friend Alicia Lindsay's resolutions and decided that if I don't write them somewhere, my resolutions will be lost forever. I'm also writing this to prove that at one point I had motivation to accomplish these things!

1. BE MORE AWARE. I've decided that I need to be better at serving without be asked to serve. I'm usually so caught up in my own little chaotic world, that I don't find much time for other people's worlds.

2. SIMPLIFY. I didn't cheat off Alicia's list, this really was on my list, too. I try to do so many things and stretch myself to the max (I have a problem declining invitations and social events, is that a surprise to anyone?), that I rarely accomplish anything to the best of my ability. Maybe if I don't do as much, I can serve better.

3. LOSE PALMER'S BABY WEIGHT. No, that's not a typo, I said Palmer. I didn't gain very much weight with Portia and I've lost almost all of it. I have not lost the spare lbs. I've been carting around for nearly three years. This is my year to lose it and really just be healthy for my family.

4. GET ORGANIZED! Last weekend I actually took the first step towards accomplishing this one. I rented a storage unit and made a list of things I know I want to put in there (i.e., baby swing that no one but Dre Ainge has ever used because my kids hated the swing).

5. STICK TO DATE NIGHT. Ronell and I set a goal last year to go out without the kids (you laugh but sometimes it's easier than a babysitter). We were horrible at it, probably because I spent the first six months pregnant, recovering from pregnancy, or up with a newborn or a toddler. But no excuses this year.

6. SPEND MORE ONE-ON-ONE TIME WITH MY KIDS. I'm great at coming up with fun things to do outside of the home but I need to be better at creating better experiences with my children individually.

7. READ ALL THE LESSONS BEFORE SUNDAY AND HAVE MEANINGFUL SCRIPTURE STUDY. My scripture study is usually accomplished while my kids watch a show and I scarf down a uick breakfast. Since there will be no scarfing because my life will be organized and stress-free (ha!) I can do this. My kids play very well together and I can leave them alone for ten minutes to study in a quiet room.

Okay, Alicia, I did it. I really do think that when we try to better ourselves, the Lord helps us. I hope you all have a great 2008!


The Lindsays said...

YAY!!! You are the first person I've had actually do their resolutions! I totally understand the accountability thing...that's why I posted mine. I needed something concrete to make me strive harder. I admire your resolutions and wish you the best. We can encourage each other!

Jim Hutchings said...

Awesome Goals Bri... I'm impressed